Minecraft Building for renovation!

Minecraft Building for renovation!

We’ve created a plot world where you can work on a local building and make it become whatever you like! Any ideas will be used to share with others to inspire them to think of practical uses for the building, but you can make it anything!

See screenshots of your builds here and on our social media.

This is part of a larger project to find out what local people want for the Corn Exchange in Wisbech. after falling into disrepair and not being used for many years, the owners are now looking at lottery funding to bring it back into use. It has a history of entertainment that many will remember, but do you want that to come back? Would you like a conference centre, workshops, a new cafe?

Add this IP address as a server and then when you’ve joined, use the message system to type:

/plot auto

this will give you a plot with the Corn Exchange building built for you, with some of its neighbours. It goes all the way back, too. The inside is random blocks, make it your own, create whatever you like!